CNC Machining and Tool making

ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001:2005

Elakov Production s.r.o. Czech Republic

Production – CNC Machining and Tool making

The company Elakov Production s.r.o. specializes in precise CNC milling (including 3D continuous), CNC turning, grinding, electro discharge machining and related technologies. With its equipment and technical expertise it operates in two main fields of activities- piece (prototype) and small-series production of parts of stainless steel, non-ferrous metals (duralumin, brass, copper, titan, etc.) or plastic on the one hand and design and production of compression or progressive dies and custom-made fixtures or devices on the other.

Our customer target groups include manufacturers in the field of opto-electronic industry and automotive industry as well as companies employing various sorts of forming (processes like cutting, drawing, bending, pressing or stamping of metallic materials) and moulding tools and devices (plastic materials). We supply to our customers not only the tools themselves but also all their consequent adjustments, renovations, grindings, etc.

With its long-standing customers the company Elakov Production s.r.o. frequently co-operates already in the stage of development and design of their future products. At the end of the process stands a product the design of which is finely tuned to the client’s requirements and the production technology he uses, i.e. a product optimized in regard to its price and its expected life.

Our designers, programmers and tool setters have the run of top-class equipment, including the following CAD/CAM software - Solid Works CAD, Edge CAM, Kovoprog (for electro discharge machines) and others.

The complete production is subject to continuous and final controls at the control room of the company, equipped with several measuring devices manufactured by the Carl Zeiss AG and Wenzel.

The company professes as its fundamental principles:

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