CNC Machining and Tool making

ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001:2005

CNC Electro-Discharge Machining

The company Elakov Production s.r.o. uses for its production processes 4 electro-discharge wire cutters Mitsubishi MV1200S, Mitsubishi FA 20-S Advance and FA 10-S Advance. These are high performance and high precision models of a renowned Japanese manufacturer.

The machines are equipped with control system Mitsubishi with integrated 3D CAD/CAM that allows reading of models in the formats Parasolid and 2D DXF and IGES.

The machine movements are within the range of up to 500(X) × 350(Y) × 300(Z) mm depending on the particular machine type and with the possibility of setting the angle (4th and 5th axis) up to 45 degrees. The dimensions of the larger machine's table are 780 × 630 mm, maximal weight of the workpiece being 1500 kg.

The accuracy of cutting reaches thousandths of millimetres and maximal attainable roughness of surface is Ra 0,2.

With reference to this technology we also own an electro erosive hollowing machine ED 24, allowing preparation of starting holes from 0,3 to 3,0 mm, while the ratio of the hole depth and the electrode diameter may exceed the value of 200:1.

We also own a powerful and precise die-sink EDM machines manufactured by AgieCharmilles typemarked FORM 30 and 20. The travel dimensions of the machines are up to 600x400x400 mm, the table size is up to 1000x700 mm.