CNC Machining and Tool making

ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001:2005

CNC Milling

The company Elakov Production s.r.o. provides milling operations on its conventional milling machines as well as on up-to-date multi-axial CNC milling centres.

In terms of conventional milling machines our production equipment includes 5 vertical and 1 horizontal milling machines. The travel distances in individual axes are: X up to 1400mm, Y up to 1150mm, Z up to 850mm. Some of the conventional milling machines are equipped with digital measurement of positions in three axes.

The company Elakov Production s.r.o. also owns 16 CNC milling centres:

The above stated 5-axial CNC milling centres are new and they are equipped with all necessary technical elements like centre cooling air/water, probe for workpiece measurement and tool laser probe, electronic compensation of spindle, filters of cooling emulsion, etc. The machines are equipped with powerful spindles with up to 42000 rev./min. and the control system Heidenhein.

For tools fixation we use the so called "thermal fixation" ensuring high strength and precision of fixation (minimisation of circumferential run out). We reach longer life of tools and higher precision of machined surfaces.

The precision of tool fixation is safeguarded by the modern fixation and measuring device ZOLLER.