CNC Machining and Tool making

ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001:2005

Company Elakov Production s.r.o

The company Elakov Production s.r.o. or more precisely its parent company started its business activities in 1997. At the present time the company employs approximately 100 employees and operates on production premises owned by the parent company.

At the beginning the production activities took place in a single production shed. Two new production buildings have been added soon after and the old one has been renovated. Production area of these premises corresponded to approx. 1500 m².

In 2005 a new double-floor administrative edifice has been added to the existing ones. In year 2015 was finished a new production structure with an area of 3000 m². This investment has increased the production and storage area to final 4500 m² and has also set up two new state-of-the-art workplaces- a tool making shop and a laboratory of quality assurance.

By reuniting a wide spectrum of technologies at one production site we are able to fulfill the great majority of our customer's orders with our own capabilities and under continuous control and direct supervision by our quality assurance.