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3D Metal Printing

Modern additive technology

Additive 3D metal printing is applicable to production of functional prototypes and models, prototype moulds or small batches of functional parts for the automotive, medical, aerospace or other industries. 

For our production we use the technologies DSML (laser melting of metal powder) and laser sintering of a polymer based metal-binder mixture.

Our standard services include

  • Creation of a complete and high-quality STL model for 3d-print 
  • Post-processing – removal of supports, cleaning, blasting, ultrasound cleaning, laser engraving
  • Optionally further machining for reaching higher tolerances of the printed part- milling, turning and EDM capabilities 
  • Subcontraction of surface treatments (anodising, painting, etc.)

Main advantages of 3d-printing

  • Production of fully functional parts with complex geometries which would not be feasible with conventional technologies
  • Short prototyping lead times as against lead times of conventional technologies 
  • Prototyping cost reductions 

Basic parameters of 3D printing

  • Max. dimensions of printed part 150 x 150 x 150 mm
  • Dimensional accuracy +/- 0,1 mm
  • Min. layer thickness  0,02-0,1 mm
  • Min. wall thickness 180 μm
  • Surface roughness, Ra 8-12

Additional machining options for our printed parts

Despite rapid progress in the area of additive technologies for 3D print in the last years it still not possible in certain aspects to attain results that would be comparable with the technologies of chip removal or EDM. 

This concerns above all: 

  • dimensional accuracy: max. +/- 0,1 mm (depending on part size) 
  • Surface roughness: Ra 8-12

Where the character of the printed part makes this possible, we offer you the option of additional machining with our remaining technologies (milling, turning, EDM, grinding, drilling,…) 

Available materials

  • Aluminium alloy grades 
  • Stainless steel grades
  • Tooling steel 
  • Inconel
  • Titanium alloys