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Surface Treatment

Ultrasonic Cleaning, Blasting, Tumbling

for our customers requiring critical vacuum or decorative surfaces we have acquired several additional processes and technologies that go one step further:

  • Individual parts can be protected immediately off the machine by application of special film,
  • Ultrasonic cleaning can remove small contaminants in solid or liquid form,
  • Blasting and tumbling machines smooth out the surface and transform its structure so that the, effectivity of subsequent treatments like anodisation or blackening is maximized. 


To prepare parts with decorative surfaces as used in medical, railway or aerospace industries for further treatment we have established a dedicated workplace specialized in manual polishing and locksmith works. This technology helps us to:

  • unify all regions of a surface on a visually critical part, 
  • make all surfaces maximally homogenous.

All cosmetic surfaces are then carefully inspected and forwarded to further treatment allowing the protective layer to:

  • adhere smoothly at all places, 
  • create a visually appealing aspect for the final customer who is in direct visual contact with each specific part.    

Anodisation and other coatings

We cooperate with several sub-suppliers with long standing experience in application of protective coatings to products for aerospace, medical, railway and other industries. Most our partners have been either certified for the individual industry or have been approved by specific OEMs or Tier 1 OEM suppliers. Anodised parts can be delivered incl. hard or conventional anodizing, according to e.g.:

  • MIL-A-8625F,
  • MIL-A-63576A,
  • AMS 2468,
  • AMS 2469H, 
  • AMS 2482D. 

Other frequently used treatments include e.g.:

  • Alodine,
  • Surtec,
  • Nituff,
  • Blackening,
  • Passivation,
  • Chroming,
  • Nickeling.


As ourselves, most our partners in the area of dry and wet painting have already been working for years with aerospace, optoelectronic or medical OEMs or Tier 1 companies. 

Relying on their know-how and dedicated facilities Elakov Production can offer its customers completely machined parts including painting in standard RAL coulours or customized nuances as offered by these specialized manufacturers. We have the capability to provide parts with:

  • primer layer,
  • top layer,
  • camouflage layer.