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Design of tools and devices

Design department

Our team consists of experienced engineers specializing in design, development and realization of various applications for the automotive, optoelectronic, aerospace or medical industry. Starting from customer´s model, concept or idea we design and develop:

  • mechanical components and assemblies
  • stamping and bending tools
  • assembling, holding and inspection fixtures
  • pneumatic, hydraulic or electric devices

We offer our customers scanning and reverse engineering capabilities, as well as maintenance and repair services.

Forming tools

In the area of forming we specialize mainly in design and production of:

  • progressive stamping dies
  • rolling dies
  • extruding stations

Further applications include e.g. tailor-made bending, crimping or punching tools for production of automotive ignition or interior parts. The tools we design and manufacture are subsequently used at our customers´ manufacturing sites operating specificic manufacturing equipment.

Single purpose devices

Our single purpose devices combine mechanical, pneumatic or electric elements to assure the specific functions demanded by the particular application. We provide e.g.:

  • devices working in semi-automatic regime to injection mould producers to cut away injection gates from complex shaped mouldings
  • inspection stations using optical or electric sensors to verify conformity with drawing dimensions and tolerances
  • other customized devices

All our single purpose devices can be delivered incl. poka-yoke elements, safety gates and CE certification.