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Component machining

Using a wide range of modern technologies including CNC milling, EDM, grinding, turning and other, Elakov Production provides precision machining of Build-To-Print components. Based on our customers´ 2D and 3D data we provide contract production of  small to medium volumes of machined parts in all degrees of complexity, including most complex geometries with tightest tolerances. 

We offer our customers:

  • co-design, feasibility and cost-optimization studies
  • production of prototypes with complex geometries in quantities from just 1 piece
  • small to medium volume recurrent serial production with typical batch sizes ranging from approximately 20 to 200 pieces
  • machining from stock material in form of bars or plates
  • broad variety of different material groups (aluminium, steel, stainless steel, titanium, brass, copper, plastics,…)

Working in harness with our robust supply chain we offer our customers contract manufacturing of components machined to a high degree of accuracy, cleanliness and visual appeal, including sub-assembly and additional operations like surface treatment or painting.

In addition we can provide e.g.:

  • Material certificates to each production batch
  • CMM measuring reports to prototypes and serial volumes
  • Proactive cooperation during auditing processes
  • Reservation of production capacities for long-term projects