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EDM (Wire cutting)

There are machines by company Mitsubishi at service at Elakov Production for EDM wire cutting with the following parameters: 

  • manufacturer´s original control system with integrated 3D CAD/CAM capability 
  • precise linear and diagonal cutting trajectories of complex geometries under angles of up to 45°
  • excellent surface finishes approaching by time up to Ra 0.2
  • cutting accuracy within only a few micrometers 
  • traverse paths corresponding to 500x350x300mm 

EDM (Die Sinking)

EDM die sinking technology is available on machines by company +GF+ (AgieCharmilles) providing:

  • reproduction of complex shapes otherwise not attainable with conventional CNC machining technology
  • traverse paths corresponding to 600x400x400mm

Our die sinking technology is further complemented by 2 EDM hole drilling machines allowing: 

  • production of precise starting and fitting holes with diameters up to 3mm 
  • hole depth:tool diameter ratios up to 200:1.