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CNC milling

5 axis milling

Disponible are machines with 5-axis capability including horizontal machining centres by companies +GF+ and GROB with e.g. directly driven axes or pallet changing capability for enhanced stability and efficiency. The core of our 5-axis machine park consists of the highly dynamic vertical machining centres by company HERMLE offering:

  • glass scale technology,
  • swivelling rotary tables,
  • spindle compensation, 
  • measuring probes, 
  • other additional functions. 

3 axis milling

Disponible are machines from companies:

  • +GF+
  • Exeron 
  • Leadwell 

These provide a combination of high precision and productivity. All machines also allow for use of additional functions like operation in 4th axis or HSM High-Speed Milling and Micromachining with tools with diameters <0,5mm. In addition we also use conventional milling machines working in 3 axes.  

Manufacturing focus

In milling we specialize in the following fields of activity: 

  • co-design, feasibility and cost-optimization studies 
  • production of prototypes with complex geometries in quantities from just 1 piece
  •  small to medium volume recurrent serial production with typical batch sizes ranging from approximately 20 to 200 pieces 
  • machining from stock material in form of bars or plates 
  • stock material dimensions from just several millimeters up to approximately 1200mm in length.  

Materials processed on our milling machines are application dependent. The largest proportion corresponds to a broad variety of different aluminium grades. Main material groups are listed here below:

  • All common aluminium grades from EN-AW 2017 to EN-AW 7075, incl. special optoelectronic or aerospace grades like EN-AW 2219 or EN-AW 7050
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium (mainly grades 2 and 5) 
  • Brass 
  • Plastics