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CNC turning

Turning Equipment

Turning operations are currently carried out on turning lathes from companies MAZAK and KOVOSVIT MAS with e.g.:

  • Driven axial and radial tools
  • Twelve position turrets,
  • Internal cooling systems

Additionally there are more conventional turning machines equipped with digital positioning. 

Manufacturing focus

In turning we specialize in the following fields of activity: 

  • co-design, feasibility and cost-optimization studies 
  • production of prototypes with complex geometries in quantities from just 1 piece
  • small to medium volume recurrent serial production with typical batch sizes ranging from approximately 50 to 500 pieces 
  • machining from stock material in form of bars or plates 
  • stock material dimensions from just several millimeters up to approximately 1200mm in length.  

Workpiece material is typically:

  • all common aluminium grades,
  • steel,
  • stainless steel,
  • brass, 
  • plastics. 
  • Other materials can be machined on demand.