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Other Capabilities


There are several machines disponible at Elakov Production for grinding of:

  • flat surfaces
  • I/O diameters

These are mostly used:

  •  within the context of our assembly works at final adjustment of fitting surfaces in highest precision 
  • for finishing tight tolerances on parts in small volume production. 

Laser Engraving

To ensure correct identification and perfect traceability we provide customized marking of parts and batches at our dedicated workplace using MepacSmart laser engraving machine with advanced laser control and peak output up to 7kW. 

Hardening and Annealing

When tolerances are critical or when time is of essence we have the possibility to use inhouse heat treating furnaces to shorten the leadtime or to condition the material for optimal machinability. Available are several furnaces with:

  • circulation of protective atmosphere
  • controlled temperature distribution 
  • graphical output of temperature cycles. 

By applying the right treatment formula we are able to machine thin walled parts and highly complex geometries. 

Working with our supply chain we can provide a broad spectrum of additional heat treating processes including e.g. case-hardening, nitriding, tempering, carburazing and also processes like soldering and other. 

Micropulse surfacing

Micropulse surfacing is a compact technology used mainly for repairs of:

  • corroded moulds,
  • cracked shearing and stamping tools,
  • bending dies, 
  • rolling tool sections.

It is suitable for precision overhauls of all common material grades and hardnesses as used in tool making up to HRC 62. Our MicroSpot machines are fully digitalized, incl. microprocessor controls and the resulting capability to channel all individual pulse phases into surfaces free of sags, strikes or micropores.