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For more than 10 years, Elakov Production has been working with customers and products for the Medical Technology and Healthcare industries. During this time we have gained solid expertise in materials and processes required to deliver a final product with the highest demands on cleanliness, precision and visual appearance. Our services to Healthcare industry include e.g.: 

  • Co-design and cost optimization of mechanical components
  • Design of material compliant holding equipment
  • First Article Inspection Report and Sampling
  • Delivery of complete product incl. manufacturing, assembly and laser engraving
  • Cleaning, polishing and coating of final product
  • Fast track delivery of repair or standard parts
  • Traceability of material, production batches and inspection results
  • Excellent KPI track record

Our Healthcare based components are typically used in the following applications: 

  • Laboratory Equipment and Analytic Devices
  • Surgery Instrumentation 
  • Life Support and Monitoring Devices
  • Diagnostic and Imaging Devices